Tips for Choosing a Chiropractor

Written by Dr. Derek Larsen DC

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

Many people dislike the invasive approach of surgeries and medication. If you have been struggling with chronic neuromuscular pains for long enough and do not want to take part in a western medical procedure that can possibly have side effects on your health, chiropractic methods would be an excellent approach for you. However, as all medical procedures do, Chiropractic care has inherent risk. It is vital to remember a few things while choosing your chiropractor.


Here are some tips to help you look for an ideal chiropractor for you-


Tip #1- Check Their Expertise Level: Experience is the most critical aspect when providing health services that affect the body’s neuromuscular system. Every patient has a combination of unique conditions that need to be assessed, understood, and managed individually. A chiropractor’s experience comes in handy when they are able to combine their education and experience together and apply it practically. Make sure you ask about your potential chiropractor’s experience and expertise. You can also ask about the time necessary for similar cases as yours.


Tip #2- Research About the Chiropractor: It is essential to learn about your chiropractor before beginning care with them. Check their qualifications, certifications, and licenses. Learn where they had their training from and what kinds of cases they have treated. Also, you can inquire about any malpractice cases that the chiropractor has been involved in. 


Tip #3- Inquire About Special Services: Today, many chiropractic clinics offer special services—telehealth being one of them. Patients that cannot visit the doctor every time can use virtual checkups. You can also use telehealth to analyze minor problems and complete follow-up interviews. Although it is impossible to receive a chiropractic adjustment through telehealth, patients with less time can call their chiropractor and get a virtual checkup.


Tip #4- Evaluate Communication Behavior: Your chiropractor’s behavior and communication skills are essential. When interviewing your potential chiropractor for the first time, ask them about your concern, see if they listen to you. Verify they are knowledgeable about your condition or if not that they are willing to learn. Chiropractors and Medical Doctors should be learning continually as research around their areas of study always changes. Further, see if you are comfortable with the way your chiropractor behaves around you. See if they are willing to learn more about you and your health status to work better on your conditions.


Tip #5- Check Costs: Money is the decision-maker for most people. Chiropractic procedures are often not covered by health insurance, so you should make sure that yours covers everything you need. However, do not try to take up the cheaper options. Your health is worth spending money on. You only get one body, treat it well. If someone is providing more affordable options, they might not be experienced with the particular concerns you have.


Tip #6- Talk to Recent Patients: Reading about a chiropractor over their websites is a fantastic tool. However, getting word-of-mouth from prior patients is better. They can give you more helpful insights into the clinical approaches, the level of services, follow-up appointments, office environment, waiting lines, and much more. They can tell you if the staff members are good hosts and answer your questions thoroughly and satisfactorily. They can provide you with information on their individual experience with the chiropractor. 

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Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing any health issues we recommend that you seek medical attention. You are more than welcome to contact Happy Family Chiropractic with any of your medical concerns and we can help guide you to appropriate treatment whether through chiropractic or through medical intervention. This article and the information herein is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please consult us or your medical doctor before you attempt any changes that could impact your health.

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