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Each year, approximately 2.3 million individuals globally sustain work injuries, ranging from those resulting from severe workplace accidents to those caused by overexertion or repetitive tasks such as typing. While many individuals make a full recovery from these work-related injuries, it is crucial to seek prompt medical attention following a workplace accident to maximize your chances of a successful outcome. If you’re in need of work injury treatment, consider consulting a work injury chiropractor in Juneau, who can provide specialized care tailored to your needs.

work injury treatment

According to research, chiropractic can give practical, safe, and long-term healing following a work accident. We have helped many patients recover from on-the-job stress and repeated injuries and resume work at Happy Family Chiropractic. We will also connect with your carrier to make the procedure more manageable for you. 

Most Frequent Occupational Injuries

The following are some of the most frequent occupational injuries we address with chiropractic therapy for our patients: 

  • Back and neck injuries: 

Every day, industrial and commercial workers strain their spines, which frequently results in neck and back problems. Office and service workers are also in danger of neck and back discomfort due to bad ergonomics, posture, or overexertion. Chiropractic therapy has been frequently identified as an effective means of alleviating back and neck pain by research. Our chiropractors are here to provide you with professional spinal treatment. 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and stress injuries: 

Working on a computer or an assembly line for lengthy periods necessitates repetitive and continuous wrist flexing. The repeated action might put a strain on the median nerve, which flows through your wrist and forearm. Employees frequently acquire carpal tunnel syndrome due to this nerve compression after decades of employment under these circumstances. At Happy Family Chiropractic, we address carpal tunnel syndrome and train our patients to avoid work injuries when using repetitive motions. 

  • Headaches after work injuries: 

Headache is a typical sign of work-related injuries. Injured employees may have head discomfort for a variety of causes. Headaches can be caused by stress, muscular strain, overexertion, or bad posture. Cervicogenic headaches can occur in people with neck injuries owing to inflammation in the cervical spine. Studies have shown chiropractic therapy to correct cervical spine dysfunction, mend nerve damage, and alleviate headache symptoms. Chiropractors have also been found in studies to assist patients in lessening the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. 


What are the Benefits?

Why is Chiropractic Care Beneficial for a Workplace Injury?

Chiropractic therapy, in our experience, may assist persons with a wide range of occupations. Here are a few explanations why we highly advise you to see a doctor of chiropractic if you are injured on the job:

  • Our non-invasive and drug-free treatments, such as chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercise programs, and modalities such as electrical stimulation, help you prevent downtime and unwanted effects.

  • Swelling, discomfort, inflammation, and stiffness are all efficiently relieved by chiropractic treatments. To overcome acute and chronic disorders, we treat both the neurological system and the musculoskeletal system.

  • Skipping work due to an accident may be harrowing; the last thing you need is additional anxiety. Our low-cost and effective therapies, such as massage therapy, encourage greater mental health and assist your body in doing what it does best: healing itself.

  • A chiropractor is a specialist in evaluating job ergonomics and teaching body mechanics. We can assist you in avoiding reoccurring issues by addressing how you walk, sit, and conduct work-related duties. 

Call us immediately to schedule a consultation if you have been injured at work. We have a licensed work injury chiropractor in Juneau who can help you. Let us help you and create a personalized treatment plan for your workplace aches and pains.

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