Things You Should Know About Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment

Written by Dr. Derek Larsen DC

Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Entering into new territory can be an uneasing experience, especially when the territory is doctor patient setting. Contrary to popular opionion, chiropractic is not really a new practice, it started in 1895, and there are many historical documentations of spinal manipulation through the ages. Chiropractic has gained popularity in recent years, but people are still unsure if they should utilize any from alternative healthcare to help treat their issues. Even though the image of chiropractic in our heads may lead us to believe that chiropractic care is only for back and neck pain, they can do much more. If you are considering chiropractic treatment, but are unsure, here is some information about chiropractic.

  1. Chiropractors are Human Anatomy Experts: Chiropractors attend a specific college to chiropractic to attain a degree of Doctors of Chiropractic (DC). Chiropractic college and medical school are very similar in the required hours of study in anatomy and physiology; in fact, the hours required of a chiropractor vs. a medical doctor only differ extensivly in pharmacology. The time that medical doctors spend in the study of pharmacology doctors of chiropractic spend in additional study of anatomy and physiology as well as adjustment technique. Additionally both chiropractors and medical doctors have to train regularly to maintain their licenses in what is called continuing education. This comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy is utilized to understand the issue at hand and how to help treat them.
  2. The adjustment is typically very comfortable: When performed by a trained chiropractor adjustments should not hurt. Occasionally the adjustment can cause intermittent soreness after the session, but it is easily relieved with ice and stretching. We also have the ability to utilize adjusting instruments to help provide the individual with the most comfortable care possible. 
  3. One adjustment is usually Not Enough: Many people feel great after their first adjustment and then decide they don’t need to go back for their following appointments. Remember, when a problem arises, pain is the last ditch effort the body has to communicate with the brain to tell say, “I need help,” and then it is the first thing to disappear when the body begins it’s healing process. Some individuals experience slight pain or soreness and feel they didn’t receive much relief and therefore think chiropractic does not work. But you need to give it time. Chiropractic adjustments do not cover up symptoms, they are working with the body and encouraging it in a way that it can heal on its own. With regular sessions, the body will begin to respond and heal itself.
  4. An adjustment will not break any bones: Sometimes, during a chiropractic adjustment, cavitation occurs. A cavitation is the sound that is sometimes heard during an adjustment. That sound is caused by a release of gas dissolved within the fluids of the joint. Some people mistake that sound for the sound of bones breaking,If t which is false. We take great care to deliver the exact amount of force to a joint to achieve the adjustment without damaging the surrounding tissues. 
  5. Alternative Health Care is Safe: One great advantage of chiropractic care is that it is non-surgical and does not involve any medications. The second great thing about it is that while the practitioner treats the source of your pain, the adjustments also stimulate other body parts, and you feel much more relaxed throughout your body. While you may feel some soreness after a session, it typically goes away within a day and makes you feel rejuvenated again. You can always use an ice pack to get rid of any soreness.

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