6 Ways A Chiropractor helps Alleviate Their Own Back Pain.

Written by Dr. Derek Larsen DC

Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Spine-health is rarely included in our daily regimen, and sadly, the spine is likely the most critical organ that keeps our body functioning correctly. The spine houses and protects the central nervous system as well providing the body with its core from which all movement is derived. Most of us experience back pain, and chiropractors are no different, many have become chiropractors because of an experience with chiropractic that profoundly changed their lives. While it is exciting to get our adjustments and relieve all those strained muscles and inflamed joints to reduce the back pain, have you ever wondered how these chiropractors keep their back pain in check?

Let us look closely at a few ways chiropractors relieve their back pain-

#1-  Getting Adjustments: Of course, I get adjusted. I typically get adjusted 2 to 3 times a month because that’s what I would recommend to a patient who has a similar lifestyle that I have. Getting adjusted helps my body keep up with the constant stress that I put it through. Get adjusted it’ll help.

#2- Doing Regular Physical Activities: We are built to move! There’s no question about movement in life. If we stop moving we die, just think about your heart, it is constantly moving and if it stops, boom dead. The same goes for all of our joints. Multiple mechanisms in the body utilize movement to transport nutrients and remove waste. Within the spine the discs utilize movement to get all of their nutrition, this process is called imbibition. Movement in the calf muscles is so important in getting blood back to the rest of the body that your calf muscles are sometimes referred to as your second heart. Every time you flex your calf muscles you pump blood up the venous system back towards your heart. Lastly, back in 1992,  a group of researchers immobilized the legs of a handful of rabbits to see how the joints would change. What they found was that within weeks the bone became much weaker and there was a negative effect on the cartilage around the joint. Without movement, health and wellness decrease so get out and move!

#3- Listen to the body: One of the most important things I do as a chiropractor is listen to my body. If I hurt somewhere I change something to alleviate that pain. If I am hungry I eat, If I crave something I eat it (except for sugar in most cases). If I am tired I sleep and if I feel the need to move I get out and move. Listening to your body takes a lot of practice. Then understanding the message that your body is trying to communicate is another challenge altogether but with time the messages your body sends will be much easier understood. You can always ask your chiropractor in Juneau to help clarify any of the questions you might have about what your body is trying to tell you. 

#4- Meditate: Modern living can cause a lot of stress and tension. This pressure can have a devastating effect on our lives if left unchecked. Excess tension can cause joint and muscular pain and nerve irritation. It can also result in skeletal misalignment that can lead to back pain. The mind is the master controller of the body and it can have a powerful effect on how our bodies experience challenges.  Meditation is a way to quiet the mind and gain better control of what passes through it. Currently, I am working on a meditation practice that has been helping me return to focus. My mind tends to wander all over the place but if I quickly realize that I am wandering in my thoughts and return to the task at hand I tend to get more of what I need done. Meditation is used as a means to many ends and can potentially help you in many ways. 

#5- Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Diet is an incredibly important aspect of health. You become what you eat and that is no different for the chiropractor. By focusing on eating a large variety of healthy foods your body will be more able to adapt to the inevitable trauma. Anti-inflammatory foods have a special effect on our bodies. Anti-inflammatory foods help us adapt better when we encounter troubles. Incorporating things such as turmeric or ginger into your diet can help improve your response to trauma. Check out this article for more information on the importance of diet.

#6- Ample sleep: Getting ample sleep is huge, It allows your body and mind to recover. Without sleep, our bodies and minds deteriorate. It is recommended that adults get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. This seems to work pretty well for me, but I also include a 10-15 minute nap on my lunch break. I have found that a short nap is the best way for me to overcome the afternoon grogginess. I do this as a reset in the afternoon even if I am getting enough sleep.  

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