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Headache discomfort is a reasonably common issue that we see in our practice daily. Experts believe that more than two out of every three people suffer from regular headache discomfort, so you’re not alone. A variety of factors can cause head discomfort. It might be caused by stress, accidents, bad posture, or just ordinary activity. We have helped many individuals recover from chronic headache pain, and we are confident that we can assist you as well. First, we’ll do a thorough exam to identify the root reason for your headache discomfort. Then, utilizing several techniques, we’ll assist in restoring your spine’s normal functioning, reducing pressure on your body and neurological system.

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Many people automatically think of a chiropractor when they think of the spine. While chiropractic procedures concentrate on the spine, the spine is the principal conduit for most physiological experiences and functions, including pain. Our chiropractor is skilled in using spinal adjustments and other treatments to alleviate pain in various head regions and lessen persistent headaches. 

Migraines and Chiropractic Care

Migraines are long-lasting, severe headaches that last more than four hours. Migraine sufferers may endure excruciating pain and light sensitivity, known as photophobia, and sound, known as phonophobia. So, what is the greatest migraine headache treatment? While the specific aetiology of migraine headaches is unknown, there is scientific proof that chiropractic adjustments for migraines generally result in significant pain reduction. Research published in 2000 found that after just two months of chiropractic spine adjustments, some patients received 90% pain reduction. This is accomplished by treating spinal subluxations or misalignments that irritate the spinal cord and spinal nerves leading to severe migraines. 

Aside from spinal adjustments, many migraine sufferers receive relief with soft tissue treatment, such as myofascial release, given by a chiropractor. This enables for greater blood flow and less vascular congestion to the head’s muscles and soft tissues. Because a reduction in blood flow is known to be one of the causes of migraine headaches, these chiropractic procedures immediately lessen the severity and frequency of migraines. 

Toxins and chemical imbalance are two more reasons that have been linked to migraines. This is mainly related to poor dietary and nutritional habits. Our skilled chiropractor can also assist with this by providing dietary guidance and suggestions.


How Does it Work?

How Does Our Chiropractic Chronic Headache Treatment Work?

Chiropractic therapy has a long history of relieving headaches and migraines successfully. Chiropractors have a thorough grasp of the delicate abnormalities that arise in the spine, frequently the source of pain due to its interaction with the neurological system. A chiropractic therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment to rule out other potential reasons for your headache and inspect your spine for misalignment concerns. 

The inspection will establish the precise sort of treatment required for the specific condition causing the discomfort. Our chiropractor may perform adjustments to the spine using mild and non-invasive procedures that can bring virtually instant relief and repair your long-term health while they may appear modest. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which only give temporary relief, a chiropractic adjustment will address the root cause of your headache or migraine and deliver long-term effects that will enhance your quality of living. 

If you are suffering from migraines or headaches, please get in touch with our experts at Happy Family Chiropractic right away.

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