Back Exercises

Rows & Supermans


  1. Stand upright, engage your back, keep it flat, no arching.
  2. Drive shoulders back and down, focus on pulling shoulder blades together.
  3. Can be performed with or without weights.


  1. Lay face down.
  2. Lift arms, legs, and head off the ground, mimicking ‘flying.’
  3. Progression: start by lifting arms, legs, or head individually.
  4. Goal: hold the ‘flying’ pose for a minute or longer.


  • Always maintain a flat back during rows, no arching.
  • For supermans, start with partial lifts, then work up to full body lifts.


Bird Dog

Step 1: Start on hands and knees, aligned shoulder over hands and hips over knees.

Step 2: Extend one arm at a time, keeping spine straight.

Step 3: Lift and extend one leg at a time, engaging your core.

Step 4: Progress to lifting opposite arm and leg simultaneously.


  • Keep your spine neutral, don’t rotate.
  • Start with arm lifts, progress to leg lifts, then combine.


Step 1: Get into a plank position on your elbows, hands, and feet. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your heels.

Step 2: Hold the plank position. This move engages your core, abs, obliques, and erector spinae muscles.

Step 3: Transition into a side plank, then switch to the opposite side. This targets your obliques and further enhances core stability.


  • For an 8-point plank, add your knees into the mix.
  • For a 4-point plank, hold your body up on just your hands and feet.


  • Choose the plank version according to your comfort and fitness level.
  • Always maintain a straight body line, no sagging or arching.

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